26 October 2005

Card from the Kalgirls

Card from the Kalgirls
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I just had two days at the remote site where I used to work. The girls there gave me this card

22 October 2005


Daphne - my Mum's strange cat loves to eat plants......

20 October 2005

Got a new job!!

It's a great feeling - when you think you've got it but don't want to get your hopes up by thinking too much about it..
However, last Friday I got a call from my new boss-to-be, and she asked me if I'd like to come and work with them.....I was smiling all weekend. I now have only about two weeks left at the current job.

And then I thought - my current job must have been getting me down quite a lot...don't get me wrong - it's a great job - academic librarians do a lot of interesting stuff. And I've learnt a lot since I've been back at the mother ship after a spending 4 years at our "Red Dwarf" library on the edge of the desert. (We used to call ourselves "the ferals"...)

However, I think to be happy, you should feel valued by the people that you provide the service for - and I'm not getting that. My peers - the other Librarians here, see their own jobs as important, and I'm quite in awe of the total knowledge bank of our group - but somehow their enthusiasm hasn't rubbed off on me.

So now - it's onward and sideways - a new direction for me and hopefully new challenges.