05 July 2007

Packing up my troubles

Well, I'm heading to the Middle East for work - it's official. They've now sent me my e-ticket and I fly out on 4th August.

The suburban job is now My Previous Place of Work. I finished up last Wednesday and am now between jobs. (small cheer!). I'm glad I'll be going back to the business of librarianship (as opposed to event management).

Still, MPPOW gave me a lovely sendoff and pressie and I'll miss the lot of them - as well as the "clients".

So now all I have to do is pack up the house (ha!) - move it into storage at the big blister's - and hopefully have some kind of holiday.

Luckily the neighbourhood throwout allowed me to get rid of a small portion of the junk I've accumulated - unfortunately the Council or the scavengers didn't take Billy the cat! (That threadbare carpet looks much better in the photo)

The whole exercise of packing up my house has meant that I have to examine every possession I have, and make a judgement as to whether it's worth packing away and storing for at least three years, or evicting it forever. It takes me back to those discussions of which way is better - "just in case" or "just in time" . I'm weeding my house - but not doing it very well.

By the way - does anyone want a cat?


Kathryn Greenhill said...

Oooh...best of luck.

I read your post and thought ..tell me more..what will you be doing in the ME?

Sorry I don't want a cat. Good luck with that too.

Sputty said...

Hi Kathryn,
I'll be working as a Librarian for this organisation:

They seem pretty proactive technology-wise compared to MPPOW.
I've been told that I'll be landing there early August along with about 20 other new staff.

Joan said...

Enjoyed reading your blog and look forward to your time in Dubai. I am reading 2 other blogs of travels in the UK, a niece and a fellow Rotarian.

The Outback Shack said...

Hi Feral,
I know what you are going through considering I have just finished moving house. Fair enough I only moved 10 minutes away and didn't need to put things in storage for 3 years. Good luck in chucking - don't look at me for suggestions though! Don't want the cat either - got a small dog the size of one already! Best of luck - keep us informed ok? You'll have to take heaps of photos starting at the airport! Cheers T

TB-) said...

Hi Sputty,
Wow it is soon isn't it....maybe keep the blog and revamp for "Feral O/S"..lol. Seriously take care of you and enjoy the challenge....hope its back up to the level of work you enjoy!

The Outback Shack said...

Bon Yoyage Feral!
One more day in the land of Oz...
Will miss you - again!, stay in touch


richad said...