22 February 2006

Probation over

Well it's now been three months in the new job, and up till now I've technically been on probation. It feels as if the time has flown by, and in other ways I feel as if I've worked there for so much longer. I had the probation interview yesterday, talked some stuff with the boss - she seems happy with how I've been doing, so signed on the dotted line and so now I'm soon to be a permanent employee....yay!! (Feel that little bit more secure now)

I feel as if I've got a handle on 50% of the what I do, however the nature of the job is pretty fragmented, with a lot of smaller duties that I have yet to discover...

Luckily, I'm soon to be going on some short courses to bring me up to speed with the library's automated systems, which I'm looking forward to - I still sometimes feel like the "dumb new kid" in comparison to the others...and any cataloguing speak still sounds like Swahili to me.....so I'm glad that there are many things that I have left to learn.

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