27 February 2006

Librarian Bloggers Survey

My friend CW is putting together a paper on librarian bloggers, so has sent out some questions.
Here's my answers:
Where do you work? Inner suburbs public library
What's your job title? Coordinator Library Services
What are your main responsibilities? I supervise the library assistants, and most things relating to the lending services area. I also coordinate a young writers competition and a young artists competition. These are open to school age children in the metropolitan area. Since last November when I started, I've gradually been taking on more of the events management for writers nights and book launches as well. On the downside, I look after the, rosters.
How long have you been blogging? Not very long - since June last year and I haven't been very diligent, but I hope to keep it up, however intermittent my contributions are.
How did you begin blogging? Well, CW you're to blame for this - your enthusiasm and encouragement made me aware of blogging and its possibilities.
What do you blog about? I started out trying to have library oriented posts, but a lot of what I've posted seems sort of personal...what's going on in my job kind of stuff, what I had for Xmas dinner - I think I'm still in hte experiment stage - but so do a few of us - I'm sure I'll eventually get some kind of style and theme going.
Why do you continue to blog? I'm still getting to grips with the process - I like the idea of a community of library bloggers. I also use bloglines a lot and really enjoy reading other people's blogs - especially yours, of course. I think that I should be contributing something as continually lurking doesn't feel like I'm in the "spirit of blogging".....and of course "putting it out there" is the main thing - I'm so delighted when I get comments that it also encourages me...
Would you agree that blogging has improved your professional practice? Yes - though my change to the public libraian life has had an effect on the nature of this. While at the Big Academic Library, I tended to tap into more technologically oriented postings & blogs, and there was a wealth of information out there to tap into. Now that I'm a public librarian, I find there are less bloggers in the field
I'd love to see some other Australian Public Librarians blogging out there. The only one I see regularly REAL PUBLIC LIBRARIAN which is pretty good, but like me she posts intermittently.


CW said...

Thanks very much for your response, Kit! I'll let you know if I'd like more information from you, once I've had time to ruminate on all my responses a bit!

Hoi said...

Hi Kit, I am a casual librarian at a few 'inner suburbs public libraries' and a research student working on public libraries (not librarians) blogs in Perth (or the lack of). Though it is not related to my research topic but it is very heartwarming to read another librarian's blog at Perth. We had One Book - meet the writer event at our library and thanks for the tips on promotion of events, it is really handy. Kind regards.

Mohamed Taher said...

Happy holidays.
This is not spam comment.
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Further, I wish to share something with you as a librarian who believes in sharing knowledge 24 X 7. My 2007 resolution is a friendly deal to get more comments at my blog and promptly reciprocate.
Best wishes for 2007.