04 March 2007

Loclib Conference

On Friday I attended the afternoon sessions of the Loclib conference. I was really keen to see Jessamyn West and wasn't disappointed.

There were many to whom the whole blogging thing seemed very new and confusing, and couldn't quite see where this would fit into public libraries. A lot of us are still hamstrung by our organisations who are worried about "uncontrolled" information about them being published on the web - but I think that things will change gradually. The Act Public Library Blog is a really good Australian example of how it could work.

Jessamyn spoke about blogging as if it was no big deal and emphasized the social side of the technology.

I was lucky that I knew about some of this stuff from MPPOW - thanks
I also bumped into some non-public librarians who'd crashed the session - it was good to meet Kathryn again, too.

One of the best things about conferences is hearing of new things (well, new to me) which I checked out when I got home.

  • I loved Ask Metafilter after I'd checked it out and will subscribe today
  • Vox looks so easy - and I'm going to set up a more personal blog there, I think.
So thanks again Jessamyn!


Kathryn Greenhill said...

Nice to see you again too..er...Sputty :) :)

Don't throw away the cardi. It's just the sort of thing I would also not wear - so essential for the wardrobe. In fact I think I have a pinker twin up in a suitcase in the loft.

I'll be keenly watching WA public libraries for signs of blogging in the next few months, but - as Jessamyn said "It's really no big deal if you don't blog - just make sure that you know about it".

Enjoy your holidays.

CW said...

Hey K.. Sputty :) Nice to see you're blogging again. It's a pity I didn't get to catch up with you on Friday (week one of semester, I'm sure you remember the chaos), but I'm looking forward to reading more of this blog!

P.S. I'd keep the cardi for the next time I need to stand out in a crowd.. or something ;)