26 February 2007

Treasure Hunting

My favorite part of the weekend just gone was kerb crawling the streets of one of the wealthier suburbs with sister and friend, looking for treasure that may have been discarded for the local street verge throwout.

Some may find this practice degrading, or even ghoulish, but I see it as a form of recycling. It's amazing how wasteful our society is and what gets thrown out. Recently I've noticed a plethora of larger televisions, no doubt many are in good working order, but I suspect they've been replaced by a plasma screen model.

We have some rules - we try not to disturb the piles too much - I know people would hate to see their trash scattered in all directions. We've also developed a fine eye for spotting something useful at the back of a rubbish pile.

My past finds have included a beautiful mahjong set complete with racks, and two over-the-top gilt lamps that you can see in this picture. Last weekend I found two small wall shelves in the shape of angels with gold detailing - they suit my current rococco themed phase of decorating.

S won the spotters prize first off - with two authentic boomerangs, and sister was very happy with her haul of garden pots.

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