14 November 2005

Evening wildlife

Last Friday I went to Karakamia Sanctuary in the hills - it's a privately owned wildlife sanctuary that was set up in the hope that it might save some of our species from extinction. It's such a great idea - they are doing great things there and it's a shame that the government doesn't take this progressive approach in regard to conserving our wildlife.

They take nocturnal spotlighting tours through - I saw
woylies , Southern Brown Bandicoot (Quenda), Brushtail Possums and Western Brush Wallabies. The Woylies are everywhere...so cute, and so unafraid - no wonder that they are so easily picked off by foxes and cats.

In the reception hut, they had a very graphic display of a feral cat eating a poor little Woylie. It makes me a tad ashamed about owning a cat......

For more info see: http://www.australianwildlife.org/karakamia.asp

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