30 November 2005

Love the new job!!

Well today was my first experience of event management (with a lot of direction) at the new Library. An ikebana exhibition..... Lots of beautiful flower arrangements transformed the library and made me appreciate the time, judgement and skill that goes into these creations....

The day started with a visit to "the exchange", a public library ritual that feels a bit like a free buying spree.......................I bumped into my frend S who works at the State Referece Library who invited me to stay at her folks Mandurah beachhouse weekend after next.....(after she told me to get away - she was with friends)

Went for a coffee in Northbridge and B bumped into the guy from the old Caffe Sport coffee bar, and was told that he's about to start up again in te coffee bar business. I have such fond memories of slightly shabby Sunday mornings, reading Sunday papers, drinking such good coffee there!!! (enough to make me feel human again).

The day ended with champagne at the local drinking establishment....how good can this get!!


CW said...

Sounds like you're having a ball! I must email you with some of The Goss ;)

Anonymous said...

Good to hear the new job is going well! Ah the excitement of book exchanges and ranting clients! There's something to be said for public library life I think. (it's probably FUN!)