30 November 2005

Xmas Day All Over

It's Christmas morning and I'm listening to Macca - makes me feel a bit of a dag....but gives me a good dose of Australiana, too!

On Friday we rec'd the Xmas Hampers from the employer - I now have enough cake, pudding, mince tarts and shortbread to sink a battleship.

I've bought all the presents that are going to be bought, nothing else I can do now....
I'll pick my mother up and go to my sisters place later on for a "too much seafood" lunch. (prawns, crayfish, smoked salmon) Mum's making her parfaits, and we'll probably end up eating way too much. Boxing day holds the the annual picnic by the river with my brother and his kids....

Wishing everyone a happy Festive Season!


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